Recent Webserver Downtime

Apologies for the recent downtime on, this is due to my ISP, nildram, not being able to even provide what is essentially their core business, ASP has been going tits up since the weekend on and off.

I’ve phoned many times today, it’s been fixed, then it’s gone just as wrong again with the same symptons.

The symptons are very similar to those we had locally recently which turned out to be caused by a worm, not that they wanted to listen to me when I was telling them this.

Support used to be great at nildram, and I would have recommended them to anyone a year or two ago. The thing is over time as they have become bigger and bigger and more succesful the intereaction between client and supplier has become more and more formal and as a result less useful.

Soon we shall move somewhere else I think, our main Windows 2000 server has been up and down all day, this means that the thousands of pounds being spent on google adwords every day for a variety of clients sites on this server are simply going to waste. Not good.

Well it looks fixed for now, let’s see how long it stays up.

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