Reducing your ecological footprint

Last week I showed you a way to calculate your ecological footprint. Now here are some methods by which you may reduce your footprint. Firstly today we have…

Switch to a green energy supplier
Change your electricity supplier to one which makes use of renewable energy. Renewable energy comes from sources which can not be used up, such as sun, wind or water power. There are only finite supplies of fossil fuels to be dug up, drilled and sucked dry. In the future when the fossil fuels have run out we will all have to use renewable, sustainable sources of energy but why go to the effort of using up all the fossil fuels as they get harder and harder to extract from the planet when you can switch TODAY to a renewable resource.

Not only are renewable resources sustainable but they are much, much cleaner.

Our household electricity supply is provided by unite[e], the only UK provider that is 100% renewable, they deal in only green energy.

The Friends of the Earth publish a league table of green suppliers which can be found here.

More tomorrow.

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