This particular October only occurs every 823 years? Nonsense!


I’ve seen this posted all over the place recently, and there was something similar for August back in 2010. It’s on Facebook in many forms, from many people and it’s being shared left right and centre.

Not in many places though do I see anyone calling it out, and saying, “That can’t be right?”

It’s a little distressing to see that a good 90% of the Internet just take it on face value that the 823 year claim is correct, and that it’s cool!!1!1!

Any given year can only have one of seven days that it starts on, so that gives a total number of 7 possible calendars, 14 if you include leap years. One of those 14 only gets used every 823 years? Really?

For October to have 5 Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays it just needs to start on a Monday, that doesn’t happen every 7 years though, because of leap years it goes in a 6 – 5 – 6 – 11 pattern. So the longest gap would be eleven years, a far cry from 823.

And as for the moneybags nonsense, well no need to connect I think.

Why are so many people willing to believe the claim, and pass it on without a moments thought? Is the Internet dumbing us down?