Ghost Fleet

British company, Able UK Limited, has completed a deal with the Bush administration to bring dilapidated ex-US navy vessels to the UK for disposal.

Some of these ships are more than 40 years old and contain large amounts of highly toxic chemicals – such as PCBs and asbestos.

Friends of the Earth has already won an injunction to stop the break up of these ships pending further legal challenges.

But a number of them are already on their way – and will be in UK waters in a matter of days.

The UK Environment Agency has the power to turn them back – but we need your help to persuade them to do so.

For more infomation and to take action please go to: and ask the Environment Agency to stop the US Ghost fleet.

Fair Trade

Fair trade is something I have done some reading on recently, and I would urge you to do the same.

Visit and have a read yourselves, it’ll only take twenty minutes of your life and like me you might learn some things you did not know, like how money you pay in taxes goes towards making poor farmers poorer!