S60 Word Processors and Psion 5mx

I spent some time yesterday checking out which S60 word processor I’d like to use with my E71. I decided in the end that the answer would be, none.

One huge feature that is missing for me in every single one I tried, is styles. I find it really hard to outline a document without some kind of style library. Is it too much to ask to just have a choice of heading 1, 2, 3 and normal?

It’s a step backwards from my existing mobile word processing experience, the Psion 5mx.

Mind you a lot of stuff is a step backwards from the Psion. Okay yes it has some serious faults nowadays.

  • Very unclear screen
  • No easy mobile connectivity
  • No color
  • No decent web experience

But as a word processor for a mobile writer it does many things very well, some that still haven’t been matched.

  • Good keyboard for its size
  • Functional word processor
  • Excellent battery life

Of course correcting lots of the things it does badly would damage the excellent battery life. But still it would be nice if I could have a non-crippled word processor for my E71. Anyone know of one?

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