USB Keyboards again.

Well I’ve got meself a decent mechanically switched keyboard, and frankly I really don’t know why I didn’t do it before. I’ve concluded that my recent problems with USB keyboards are just that they both had lower than average quality membranes. My new mechanical switch enabled Cherry MX 3000 is working wonders for my typing speed. I had found that I had to slow down too much with the old keyboard, now I’m back up to previous speeds, perhaps even a little faster.

2 thoughts on “USB Keyboards again.”

  1. It was be warned that they were slow and uncommunicative.

    I’d still like a new keyboard for home, so I’m looking at the moment for a black, MX-switched keyboard with media control buttons. And a proper layout of Insert Home PageUp etc. Some keyboard I’ve notice recently have moved away from the 3×2 layout.

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