Reducing your ecological footprint – Part III

Use the car less
Something like more than 50% of car journeys made in the UK are under a distance of under 2 miles. Now the vast majority of the population are perfectly capable of travelling this distance without resorting to using a car. If it’s not far, don’t take the car!

My journey to work is seven miles by road, it takes me half an hour, I can go when I want, come back when I want and am not effected heavily by traffic congestion. I don’t use a car for this journey, neither do I have to wait for a train or a bus, it’s door to door. Wonderful things bicycles.

Obviously their are times when walking or a bicycle is impractical, these are the times I use buses, taxis or lifts from generous friends and family. The point is it’s possible to use the car a lot less than we generally do.

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