Symantec are Stupid

I’ve just wasted half an hour of my life working out why IMG tags are missing and have been stripped out of the HTML source on my directors laptop.

The key to it was some Javascript that had been injected.

Function SymError()

So if you see this it’s Norton Internet Security and it’s advert blocker at work, seems there’s a list of banned words for images. One of which is “banner”.

So there I am using a perfectly self descriptive image name of main.banner.jpg, which just happens to be an innocent header image spanning the page, and it’s gets wiped out by some lazy cunt at Symantec.

Seems many strings are just wripped out. Here’s a full list. Images of certain sizes are also stripped out as well.

Blocked Strings



Blocked image sizes


Quicktime standalone without iTunes download

I just reinstalled my machine recently and have not five minutes ago tried to run an mov file for the first time since.

Went to download Quicktime from Apple and it forces you to also download iTunes. Now iTunes isn’t evil I use it on Mac Mini, but if you do not want it or need it then why download it?

Found it here.


Now forwards you to: where you have a choice of with or without iTunes.

Refactoring and Renaming in Visual Studio 2005

Thank you Microsoft. I am finding the renaming feature in VS2005 so very very useful.

I just renamed a namespace in a class I’d just created for a new project, basically just adding a company name before the product name. The Rename feature changed all the other namespace declarations in the whole project seamlessly, the default form and program.cs file that had been created and even the default namespace in the project properties had been changed.


How to Use Microsoft Voice Command and Your Bluetooth Headset with Your SPVM5000/JasJar/HTC Univsal

Have you installed MS Voice Command and been annoyed you can’t use the button on your headset to trigger a voice command? Here’s how to fix it.

Install Voice Command to the default location.


  1. Fire up a registry editor


  5. Modify the string marked “path” from the default \Windows\SDDialer.exe to \Program Files\Voice Command\VoiceCMD.exe


It won’t activate for me if the handset is close, ok open in both portrait and landscape mode, so possible to leave in portrait and in the case.

Guitar Lessons – Learn to Play Guitar

I’ve discovered some fantastic guitar lessons, I’ve been practicing from their grade 1 lessons for a couple of days now and to be honest it’s been the first time I’ve actually practiced properly some of the things I guess I should have learned years ago, solid base things like decent timing and sight reading.

Recommend to anyone even for a brush up!

Morning Cycling Bliss

I cycled to work today at 5am. It was wonderful, the roads were clear and empty, no traffic, no smell, no hassle.

It all made up for the fact it was cold and wet!

I think I’ll get up earlier a bit more and sample the pure delights of the open road.

New Newsgroup

I’ve just picked up a new group on usenet. For anyone into recording in their home studio it seems to be a well informed and low noise place to hang out.

I’ve been broswing past posts this afternoon, there are some impressive recordings to be heard and some great advice and help.

Ghost Fleet

British company, Able UK Limited, has completed a deal with the Bush administration to bring dilapidated ex-US navy vessels to the UK for disposal.

Some of these ships are more than 40 years old and contain large amounts of highly toxic chemicals – such as PCBs and asbestos.

Friends of the Earth has already won an injunction to stop the break up of these ships pending further legal challenges.

But a number of them are already on their way – and will be in UK waters in a matter of days.

The UK Environment Agency has the power to turn them back – but we need your help to persuade them to do so.

For more infomation and to take action please go to: and ask the Environment Agency to stop the US Ghost fleet.

Cars Smell!

I’ve just had a week away at Centre Parcs in the West Country. Nice to be away from the hustle and bustle for a while. What’s even nicer is Centre Parcs car policy, where you can bring your car onto the site when you arrive and leave, all other times if you want to get around you have to travel by foot or bike.

Returning to sunny suburbia and after a week of no cars it’s amazing how much you can notice that they smell, not to mention how noisy they all are.

Fair Trade

Fair trade is something I have done some reading on recently, and I would urge you to do the same.

Visit and have a read yourselves, it’ll only take twenty minutes of your life and like me you might learn some things you did not know, like how money you pay in taxes goes towards making poor farmers poorer!