David Braben on the PS3

In a recent interview with CVG, Elite creator David Braben speaks of how he believes Sony got their decisions about the PS3 absolutely right.

There’s been plenty of bashing of Sony’s handling of the PS3 launch and little to be said from anyone in defence.

Braben though thinks differently:

“I’m very wary …at the moment there’s a fashion to knock Sony and I think it’s a big mistake. The fact that they have succeeded very well twice, they’re one of the few companies to have gone outside core gamers. Don’t write them off.”

Braben continues to express his belief that the choice to go with a completely open net access service, as opposed to a closed service such as Micosoft’s XBox Live, will be key to the PS3’s success.

“That shows a very different approach. It’s not a narrow gateway, highly controlled by one person. I think that is very very positive.”

He also believes that the PS3 should be considered more than a console.

“When you put it together with the fact that it supports a keyboard and things like that, people may start to regard it more as a cheap PC than an expensive console. Or a new thing that’s somewhere in between.”

Well it remains to be seen, but I respect the positive attitude. I’m going to a talk by Braben on Monday, I wonder if this will arise in the after lecture questions.

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