FaxMailer: Forward to email from Windows XP fax service

What is it?

FaxMailer is a plugin for Windows XP Fax. One annoying missing feature from the Microsoft supplied Windows XP Fax software is the ability to forward the incoming faxes to an email address.

FaxMailer simply watches a folder for any new TIFF files. When a new TIFF is detected, it extracts each page from the fax, converts them to JPEGs and attaches them to an email.




Copy the two files included in the zip to anywhere you like.  Edit FaxMailer.exe.config and set up all the details for your installation.

It’s preferable to setup Windows Fax to create a copy of each incoming fax in a folder somewhere and point FaxMailer’s FaxFolder property to this folder.


Any problems please email me, this is a very early build, so there are likely to be issues. Any ideas for things to add then also let me know.

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