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Softrope now has it’s own site, please see for the latest information.

What is Softrope

Softrope is an audio application for Dungeon Masters, a kind of RPG sound mixer. Softrope allows you to build a collection of sound-based scenes. You build each scene with simple single sound-effects, layered up to create a more complex soundscape.

I’ve been using an early build in recent DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) games and it’s going well. To join the beta simply email a request to

How about an example?

Picture the scene, your players’ character’s are tramping through a lush green tropical rainforest, in  a storm. Let’s build a soundscape for this.

1st Sound Effect: A short rain loop. Looped in Softrope to loop continuously.
2nd Sound Effect: Another continuous loop, this time some chirping jungle birds.
3rd Sound Effect: A thunderclap set to loop with a random ten to thirty second gap.

Now the thunderclap sound effect might get a bit repetitve, so Softrope allows you to choose multiple samples for each sound effect, and randomly chooses one for each repeat. The randomness of the actual thunder sample used and the random gap between thunderclaps keeps the whole sceen sound more organic.

You can see how this would look in this screenshot of the Scene Editor.

Sofrope Sceenshot

How does it work in play?

While you are running a game you need things kept simple and out of the way. The screenshot above is just the Scene Editor. During play you are presented with a sceen full of scene buttons, click one and that scene plays. Imagine it a bit like the menu on an iPhone and you’ve got where I’m heading.

Also alongside sound effects will be playlists for those that like to include music in their games, different playlists of course can be triggered by scenes or just whenever you need to without changing current scene(s) playing.

Latest Screenshot

Softrope Sceen Shot

Where can I try Softrope?

Softrope is currently being built. A beta will be released in the near future. If you are interested in testing early versions of Softrope then please don’t hesitate to email me email me.

Why Softrope?

Surely I’m not the only DM to have a this happen in a situation where rope was required.

Player: “I’ve got some soft rope, will that do.”

DM: “WTF? Soft rope?”

Player: “Here on my equipment I’ve written, ‘Rope (SOft)’.”

DM: Looks closely.

DM: Slaps player.

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