Pocket Hold’em Hands

PHH is a Texas Hold’em Poker hands ranker for Windows Mobile Smartphone and PocketPC, more recently known as Windows Mobile Standard and Windows Mobile Professional. PHH will run on both WM5 and WM6 devices.

You simply input the two “hole” or “pocket” cards that you have been dealt, along with the number of remaining opponents. PHH then instantly informs you of that hands rank and percentage of hands won.

The figures are based on data from millions of poker hands played by real people.

Pocket Hold’em Hands is freeware, as in completely free.


You will notice how much the percentage chance of winning increases the less opponents you are faced with. Remember to change the number of opponents as people fold pre-flop. A pair of aces is much more powerful against a single player than against nine!

* Note: You can’t blame me if you lose loads of money or mess up your phone. Be sensible learn about bankroll management.

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